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What Is APP?

Arkansas Provider Programs is an online portal that provides access to advanced functionality tools designed to support transparency efforts by providing clinically relevant data to help providers support population health and manage the care of their patients.

What are the Benefits of APP?

APP has tools you need to manage patient care for the following programs available to health care providers in the Arkansas Blue Cross networks:

How Do I Get APP Access?

APP access is free of charge. To gain access to the system, just complete the following pages. Once we have the necessary information an email will be sent to you explaining what to do next.
In order to proceed with the APP online enrollment, you must have the following information before proceeding:

Your APP User Administrator (AUA) can grant, edit, or remove access. If you don't have an AUA, do not know who your AUA is or need help with this enrollment, please contact HIN Customer Support by calling toll-free (855) 822-2446.
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